Geth creates amazing services for people

Geth - develops innovative cryptocurrency solutions. We solve problems and present how others are afraid to do. We are developing an application that includes and will include a large number of services.


service development

We give testing services to everyone for free

We have developed services and let each participant try them in action to familiarize themselves with cryptocurrency and increase user interest in the platform

  • We give each user the opportunity to get cryptocurrency for familiarization with beginners
  • Complete tasks to get GETH tokens for free for actions, just register and start
  • Buy cryptocurrency for fiat without additional checks - make the exchange available

About GETH

Unified services inside is the best work solution

All projects share services for various applications - we combine and make it convenient for ordinary currency owners and for business.

  • Manage and save assets for any user
  • Acceptance of payments for shops and business
  • Communication, news, signals - for better work

Awesome services

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Our way

Road Map

October 2019

Development and closed testing of a smart contract.

November 2019

Preparation of design, promotional material, updating content.

December 2019

Launch of the platform for all users.

January 2020

Launch of a smart contract and the start of the sale of tokens.

February 2020

Development of new functionality, updating the design, adding open legal information for general access.

March 2020

Cryptocurrency exchange launched

April-May 2020

Development and launch of a cryptocurrency wallet

June-July 2020

Development of a cryptocurrency exchange with a GETH token

July-August 2020

Closed exchange testing

September 2020

Completion of the token sale

October-November 2020

Launch of the GETH exchange only for token buyers


Launch of GETH trading for all users

What are we doing?

We will launch soon

Geth App

We are developing a convenient mobile application for managing finances and cryptocurrency assets


Cryptocurrency wallet with the possibility of instant currency exchange, as well as supporting the ERC-20 format


Merchant for any website or store supporting any currency, including fiat. Setting up a business with us will be easy


Cryptocurrency exchange, including GETH tokens and major pairs for trading. First users get zero commission

Current GETH price (ETH)
Final GETH price (ETH)
Target for minimum (USD)
Maximum token sales (USD)

Our activity

Social networks and services

Smart Contract

About token

Token Sale

  • Token name: Geth Token
  • Ticker Symbol: GETH
  • Token address: 0x72fb7da8037f165ebae91ca...
  • Starting Price Pre-ICO: 1 GETH ~ USD 0.058
  • Final Price ICO: 1 GETH ~ USD 0.1
  • Total token supply: 100,000,000 GETH
  • Soft Cap: 120,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 800,000 USD
General description

GETH released on the basis of Ethereum platform and fully comply with ERC20 standard.

Using this token, you can perform all standard operations (transfer, exchange), and also use it inside our system to receive bonuses and cover commissions.

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Our data

Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Allocation of tokens

Total token supply - 100,000,000

  • 10% Founders and Team
  • 15% Reserved Funding
  • 15% Advertising of the platform
  • 50% Distribute to Community
  • 10% Bounty campaign


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Richard Stewart
William Henden
M. Roquemore
Robert Flores

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